Friday, August 19, 2011

Monochromatic with a Pop

We were asked to help create a fun bedroom space for a soon to be teenager.  Often the struggle with decorating for a "tween" is how to design for the teenager to be, while still accommodating the child that they are.

When we started this project there was some great 90's era wallpaper and borders on the walls and we were asked for paint options.  The client had already found new furniture for the room and we also offered some bedding ideas as well as fun "man cave" ideas for the space.

This room has a bay window area that became the mini man cave equipped with tv, video games, seating and a fluffy rug to add a pop of color.  We purchased comfy bean bag chairs from Pottery Barn which are great for kids to grow with.  They have a chair shape instead of being a bag and provide more of a structured seat, which is helpful for all of those hours playing video games.  What's great about using something like this is that in years to come a sofa or other structured chairs could easily replace the bean bags and create the perfect teenage lounge space.

The colors chosen for the space were Scribe and Slate by Kwal.  Slate was used on the headboard wall of the room as an accent and Scribe was used everywhere else.  Both of these colors are in the blue-grey family so it created a monochromatic color scheme.  The Quicksilver plaid bedding utilizes the same color scheme and allows for numerous possibilities as the child grows and changes their mind, like children do.  In this room we added orange for the perfect pop of color.  There are orange drapes, a pillow and accents in the lamp shade and the fluffy rug.  These all could be changed out for a different color like yellow, lime, red, or even pink if his sister were in love with this color scheme.  Blue in girls' rooms is adorable by the way.  The benefit with this monochromatic scheme and adding different colors to it makes it inexpensive to change things up when your child wants something different. 

Before: Awesome wallpaper border in need of freshening up.

After: Monochromatic room with a pop of orange.

Before: Bay window area.
After: The mini man cave.

After: The bed with fun new linens.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011 in the SLC Parade of Homes

A week ago we were privileged to tour the sponsored parade of homes prior to the start of the parade.  It's a fun urban town home that has a rugged meets chic vibe.  When initially walking into the home you are greeted by the inspiration of nature.  There is leafless tree wallpaper, a pebble floor and an earthy brown textured carpet that is a welcome change from more traditional entries.  These elements are a reminder of what we see everyday but in an unique installation.

Moving upstairs the rugged chic theme continues using slate tile on the floor.  It isn't the typical multi-colored slate that is most often used.  It's a beautiful sleek platinum that has wonderful movement in each tile that immediately grabs your attention.  Seated on the floor are wonderfully sleek modern furniture pieces, including and Eames Rocker and Noguchi Table both of which have been in production since the 1940's; great design never goes out of style.  Marrying these classic pieces with existing modern sofas is a fun tied leather rug.

The master bedroom aside from having a wonderful view, has an even more beautiful interior.  This simplistically stylish bedroom has a great faux wall finish and crystal chandeliers.  The elegant palette of white, black and grey gives the room a spa/resort like feel that anyone would love to escape to.  Design wise it also leaves the user with limitless possibilities to personalize their space at a later date; pink, red, chartreuse, turquoise or even camel. 

What makes this home so wonderful is the pairing of old meets new, natural meets industrial and rugged meets chic.  They've used leather for flooring, various unique wallpapers and great accessories that make the space feel lived in.  It's definitely a must see on this year's Salt Lake Parade.  I'm actually headed back for a second look, because it is visually that much fun to walk through.  When you go, make sure you touch and feel everything you can.  You'll be surprised at the materials used and how they used them.  Thanks O.Co for the great opportunity to walk through before it all began.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

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