Monday, November 28, 2011

A Cottage Makeover: Part 1 Living Room

Recently here at The Design House I had the privilege of designing a living, dining, and kitchen area.  The room was previously designed with a neutral palette with red accents.  With the transformation finished walking into the room now feels like a breath of fresh air.
The Complete Look - After

  My client wanted a well designed updated space reflecting the cottage style that she loves.  After getting to know her I wanted to design a friendly, cheery space for her and her family because it would be a perfect reflection of her fun personality and as she is home frequently due to an illness it would help her through the bad times. I gave her the soft blend of blue and green which are very livable, happy colors and is a complete 180 degree flip from the red accent she previously had.  I chose this color palete because when designing a "healing" kind of environment I love using soothing colors and elements that you find in nature.

To help keep the budget lower we kept her existing sofas and rocking chair and entertainment center.  We brought in new drapes, rug, coffee table, some art, and most of the accessories. The walls were painted a nice yellow-tan color to add to the cheery atmosphere and we re-arranged the previously displayed art and photo's to better showcase them.
Fireplace and Accessories on Entertainment Center

Also look at the adorable "cottage chic" coffee table we added!

Fireplace Before
Fireplace After

Sheers Before
Sheers After
We made a double rod curtain with sheers mixed
with the curtain panels
We completly changed the look of the living room! Also note the
change of the photo wall to better showcase them.

Here is a close up of our coffee table accessories!

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