Friday, July 2, 2010

Calm Reflections: A Bedroom Redesign

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

Nightstand After

Bedding After

This was a fun bedroom update that we just finalized the finishing touches for. Our client was recovering from cancer surgery and she needed a room she could relax in. We helped her out by giving her a soothing color palette she could ease into recovery with and she is absolutely loving the results! We repainted with a pale blue to freshen up the walls and and had custom curtains and euro pillows made of a gorgeous paisley to go with her new luxurious cream bedspread. A great way to cut costs in designing a bedroom is buying a "bed in a bag" set from a store and designing accent pillows from a different bedset that will pair well with yours. The end result gives you a custom looking bedset while allowing you to save your pennies. We created a headboard illusion by placing two fabulous grided mirrors just above the pillows and flanked them with relaxing black and white flower prints; all of which our client can enjoy while she lays in bed due to the position of closet mirrors. Yes we made those old closet mirrors work to our advantage! I love how all the simple textures and colors flow together in this room to create such a peaceful environment in an interesting way!

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