Friday, February 25, 2011

Ikat the tie-dye of the 21st Century

I know you're thinking Ikat, what is that? I also know you had that, "this is not the 60's why are we talking about tie-dye" moment.  Let me tell you about the latest and greatest design trend that is Ikat.

Ikat, pronounced ee-kaht, is a method of weaving tie-dyed yarn on a loom to create intricate patterns on the fabric.  It is predominately seen in Asia, Central and South American Countries, but it has become one of the latest fashion forward fabrics and prints in both interior design and fashion.

Ikat patterns bring an exotic feel to any space.  It can help to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space allowing you to have a fantastic vacation while staying comfortably in your living room.

Photo from House Beautiful
This room features Ikat on the drapes, pillows, chair fabric and even the rug.  The vibrant color palette is fresh with a hint of exotic.  Just looking at it I feel that I've been swept on a way on a fantastic vacation.

Photo from House Beautiful
A great way to use Ikat is by mixing it with other patterns; it can also help to tone down a bolder pattern.  In this case the Ikat was used on the roman shades and a pillow for each bed.  The bold lime green of the fabric pops against the butterfly duvets and the geometric rug.

Room designed by Todd Romano.
For those just looking to get their feet wet with Ikat, pillows or other printed accessories are a great start; it's a quick way to add some pizazz to a solid surface. If it's too bold you can use a pattern or solid accent pillow in front or behind to help tame it. 

These were just a few options for using Ikat.  It's such a fun exotic pattern you can't help but use it in at least one room of your house, even if it's only in the form of a teapot.

Photo from Distant Boutique

Swing by The Design House Boutique and check out some of the fun Ikat pillows we have.  Perfect for any sofa or bed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Think Pink!

Pink is such a fun, wonderful color that gets a bad rap.  It’s often associated with baby girls, princesses and certain lingerie brands;  very girly things I know, but pink is getting a face lift especially since Pantone named it the color of the year for 2011.

Honeysuckle, Pantone’s pink for 2011, has been popping up everywhere since the announcement in December 2010.  From fashion to fabrics, furniture to accessories Pink is a color we’ll be seeing a lot in the next year.

Typically when Interior Design and Pink are associated it leads to those wonderful memories of the 1980s when salmon colored walls, furniture and wallpaper was EVERYWHERE, but pink is actually a staple in many design styles like Shabby Chic, Art Deco and Mid Century Modern.

So how are people using pink these days?  I'm glad you asked.....

Photo Courtesy of
This wonderful pink cocktail table adds a punch of color to this charcoal grey room.  It is a great conversation piece as well.

Photo Courtesy of

 These fabulous wing back chairs, rug and accents liven up this yellow living room.  They instantly create an energizing vibe in the space.

Photo Courtesy of
Pink in a little girl's room is always timeless and classic.  Freshening it up with white linens and walls and adding a colorful carpet instead is a bit of a twist on traditional pink walls.

These of course are only a small example of the many things you can do with pink.  The great thing about pink is that it adds a punch or subtle pop of color to any space and used as an accent color it can easily be swapped out when you tire of it, but who's going to grow tired of it when used in one of these fabulous ways?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After going to the world furniture market and seeing all of the fun new trends we’re here to report so that you can keep up with all the top new styles!

All we can say is blue is in! Which of course we already knew with many of our room redo’s sporting this gorgeous hue! Another highly sought after color is the neutral gray, ranging anywhere from light gray to ash to charcoal.  Bright bold colors mixed with white, to ground them, are huge especially in the form of accessories like pillows, art, and lamps.

Courtesy: Candice Olson:
In this photo: nice neutral tones mixed with refreshing pops of blue.

One of the latest trends to incorporate blue with a bold graphic pattern is to do so with the palette of blue, white, and orange:
Betsy Burnham bedroom

Not that daring? Here's another room featuring the color palette in a neutral color scheme, and yet still just as visually interesting with the fun patterns.

Betsy Burnham living room

Wood tones – Sustainable design or better known as “green” design is all the rage so introducing reclaimed wood into a room design is a plus. Especially gray-toned reclaimed wood like ash. It pairs well with the other popular wood tone colors of deep-chocolate-walnut-brown and painted tones like white linen. 

And yes, dark wood is still in and especially for floors.  They really help "ground" a room and are an awesome way to offset vibrant paint colors or really just about any paint and trim.  However, keep in mind the dark tone shows dust and traffic on your floor.  So if you have lots of kiddies or pets running around or have a habit of rarely sweeping your floors, opt for a medium to dark floor instead, like a walnut.

Kitchen contemporary kitchen
In the above photo: Note the neutral color palette and ash grey dining table made with a reclaimed wood look. Using reclaimed wood on your dining table is a great idea for those with kids.  Anything they do to it just ads to the charm of its natural “lived in” look.

Along with the reclaimed wood look, aged "global" furniture pieces are really in right now. One in a vibrant color is the best because it's unique and adds a pop.  I absolutely love this teal piece from one of our vendors:
High Point Fall 2010 Vignette

For casement furniture pieces, colors to go with are: painted white, dark ebony, bold teal, or a natural gray wash. And just fyi for all of you wondering which color to go with; all of those finishes incorporated into one room would look awesome, trust me! I double-dog-dare-you, and don't forget to post the gorgeous pics here - you can thank me later!

Wall Decor: Starburst mirrors are going to be in style for a looong time.  The great thing about a starburst mirror is it can be classic or modern and just one can be enough for a focal point or cluster them for a unique statment piece.

The Design House Interior Design: A Tounch of Modern - Family and Sunroom ReDesign
Above is an example from a room we did for a client.  This star burst mirror is an awesome addition to the entryway and just pops on this orange wall. 

Tobi Fairley:
In the above photo: lots of style with these fun mirrors set symmetrically.  Note the hot color palette this room is employing. 

Glass tile is still a favorite in 2011, especially turned vertically and with different shapes.  Glass tile is a quick way to jazz up any room.

I just love circle glass tile:
reinventing the 80s contemporary bathroom

Typical ranch bath: Transformed! contemporary bathroom

If you haven't used glass tile already you seriously need to get a move on it. No matter the shape or how its laid, glass tile livens up any room and the gorgeous sparkly sheen it emits is just awesome. A great place to start is re-tiling that fireplace or kitchen backsplash that right now is staring at you saying, "Heeelllllp meee!"

Wall Finishes: Wallpaper has made its comeback and isn't going anywhere for a long time. Its still a hot commodity in 2011.  Just remember to use it sparingly, don't plaster wallpaper all over your home.  Use it as an accent wall or a smaller room with defined parameters.  Powder baths are almost a fool proof application for wallpaper as they're small.  Oh and don't skimp - hire a professional to hang it for you.

attic mbed brown e1297166018648 How to Create a Master Bedroom in your Attic
Courtesy of fresh home:
Since the wall paper is just used on the accent wall it's a nice statement, whereas if it covered all the walls in this room it would feel very overwhelming.   Also note in the above picture how these gray neutral colors and natural wood tones are playing together. 

Black Russian Damask wall covering in the media room contemporary media room
In the above photo: Neutral color palette with gray tones and note the gorgeous dark wood floor.

Here's a fun application:
The Hillside House modern bedroom

Again, this ain't your Granny's wall paper! This awesome wall covering is great in styles ranging from traditional to modern. Explore the new options and use it - you'll be happy you did!

So that wraps up our 2011 Style Trends.  Since we barely just touched the surface check back in as we delve into hot trends each week here on the blog.

Let us know how you’re introducing these ideas into your rooms by leaving a comment. And of course if you need help bringing these awesome new trends into your space give us a call - Susan (801) 787-9771.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great Gift Idea for your Valentine

With Valentine's Day just around the corner why not surprise that special someone in your life with a gift certificate for interior design services.  Our gift certificates are sold in one hour increments valued at $75 an hour, but for Valentine's Day take 20% off and receive them for $60 an hour.  

We also have a variety of great bath and body products in stock from our Boutique.  Head over to and click on the "Quick Ship" category to see what's available.  Contact us directly at or 801.787.9771 and ask about local delivery.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Las Vegas Market Pictures

Last week The Design House was busy down at the world furniture market in Las Vegas.  We had a blast looking at all of the gorgeous items and checking out all the new trends to keep you up to date. And we’re loving what we saw. 

Does this mirror look familiar?  It should!  Browse our portfolio pics and you'll even see that we paired it with orange too! Awesome pillows and graphic rug. 

Fun Bedding and Accessories, you can't see it in the picture, but the sheen on these pillows was amazing!  And of course the color blue was all over market.

A gorgeous shag rug accessorized by Crystal, one of our fabulous designers.  It seems every market I have to take a picture of her as she's camoflauged into some new piece!  It just goes to show fashion and interior design go hand in hand.

I absolutely love these wheelbarrow chairs!

Share your thoughts with us and visit back soon as we cover the Style Forecast for 2011!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentines Decor Ideas

We’re loving these fun ideas from on how to get your home Valentines Day ready. Take a browse through and be inspired with different ways to get love flowing through the air.  One thing to note; you don’t have to deck the walls of your home with dollar store angels kissing and fan fold outs hanging from the ceiling like our elementary school teachers did.  Now-a-days, there’s plenty of ways to get into the “love is in the air” kind of feeling and it doesn’t take much.  Share with us your thoughts and how you’re decorating your space this Valentines Day.