Sunday, April 17, 2011

Staged to Sell....may contain a lot of pictures :)

A month ago we started working with a client to help them stage their home for resale.  If you're not familiar with this process it's where an Interior Designer walks through your home and gives you ideas and pointers to make it more appealing to the real estate market; and we did just that.  We selected new paint colors to freshen up different spaces in the home as well as using it to camouflage an obscure furnace door.  We also helped guide the homeowners into "depersonalizing" their space; taking down family photos, etc.  By doing this the home appeals to the potential home buyer as they can now picture themselves living there.  The final thing we did for the client was to select new and existing accessories and place them strategically throughout the home.  We were able to work many of the new items into their budget that they were going to spend on decor in their new home.  By buying it now for them the new decor serves two purposes; their home appeals to more potential buyers and they then have a cohesive style and accessories for their new home whereever that may be.  So without further ado let me show some pictures of this great home that is now for sale.

Before: The Family room

The newly rearranged and freshly painted family room. We changed the arrangement of furniture making the media cabinet the focal point.  Added new drapes, rug, pillows and accessories but in a subtle way.

Before: Kitchen and Dining

The newly painted dining and kitchen. Setting the table is a great way to invite the potential buyer into the home.  They see themselves having dinner there.  Here we added new drapes, rug, centerpiece and helped minimize what's on the counter tops.

Kitchen with new valance and strategically placed accessories. 
Before: Office

Before: Office

The Office now has pretty drapes, accessories and an inviting seating area.  The key to this room was taking the french doors off the hinges opening up the space.  This room is now going to show instantly instead of maneuvering around doors to get into the room.
Before: Entry

In the entry we suggested removing family photos, and added a fun new rug.  Here you can see a peak into the office thanks to the removal of the doors. 
Before: Master Bedroom.  It became somewhat of a staging area for packing prior to putting the house on the market. 
Before: Master Bedroom

Freshly painted Master Bedroom.  A new furniture arrangement, art, bedding and lamps freshen up this space. 

Another shot of the master.  Here you see the custom window seat the homeowner built.  It's such an inviting, relaxing space.  You know you want to live here.
Before: Master Bath

Pretty accessorized master bath.  A new valance and accessories add to the spa feel.
Before: Second Bath

The main bath on the second floor.  A fresh coat of paint, new shower curtain, towels, rugs and rattan blinds add vibrancy to the space, but keep in calm enough for anyone to move in.
Before: Nursery

The nursery received a new furniture arrangement, drapes and a pop of art. 
Before: Boy's Room

The oldest boy's room got a new paint color and a new arrangement. 
Before: Boy's room.  They were transitioning to new children's furniture.

Another boy's room.  Here we put the bed on an angle and added new linens and art.

The main hallway on the second level.  How many doors can you count?  Here's where we used paint to cover an obscure furnace door to help it blend into the background.  (I know you can't really see, but it's on the left.)
Before: Hallway.  The above picture shows the end of the hallway where this table use to reside.  This furnace door was painted the same color as the wall to camouflage it so you don't notice how odd it is. 
Before: Powder Bath

The powder bath we suggested removing the wallpaper border and painting. We also added a new rug and wall art.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Design House Boutique Grand Opening!

So many of you know that The Design House opened an online shop last year called "The Design House Boutique."  What you may not know is that it had undergone a bit of a face-lift and has been transformed into a beautiful shopping space suitable for all of your shopping needs.

The Boutique features a variety of different products for the home that are perfect to spruce your space up for Spring.  Fabulous floral art pieces and pillows can add that perfect pop to breathe new life into your room.

Swing by the site and check it out.  We have great gift ideas for Easter Baskets as well as Mother's Day.  Hop on over and enter the code "HOP" to receive 10% off an item.  Hoppy Shopping!