Friday, July 2, 2010

Out with the Old and in with the New! - A Family Room Remodel

Family Room - After

Family Room - After

Family Room - Before

Sliding Glass Door with Curtains- Before

Sliding Glass Door/Doggy Door - Before

Sliding Glass Door/Doggy Door - Before

Chair and Desk area - Before

This family room was a bit tricky since the home is a split-level, and there's a foundation wall that runs halfway up on the outside walls. You can see this wall in the before pictures where it is painted red. Other obstacles we had to overcome in designing this room was the multi-functioning room this was and the small size of it. Our clients used this room as family gatherings to watch tv, study the scriptures, do homework and work at the desk area, as well as a doggy commuting point in and out of the house through the sliding glass door. Plus, the size of the room is pretty small, so fitting in enough seating for the whole family and having it function for all of the activities taking place in this room was a bit of a challenge, but I think we pulled it off!

As a solution for the new tv the family bought and the foundation wall I decided to design custom built-in cabinets to house the tv and media components, as well as books, movies, and family photo's. I designed the cabinets so that they actually went over the foundation wall so that it wasn't an issue anymore. So the back of the cabinets on the bottom are actually only about half as deep as the cabinets on the top, which is just enough space for storage of DVD's and other smaller items. Then we specified a gorgeous leather sectional to seat all of the family and a nice smaller scaled comfortable side chair in a durable fabric to add some pattern and pizazz.

One large design issue we needed to address in this project was the sliding glass door. This was only used for the doggy door, a the family had another back door in the kitchen, only a few feet away. So the door was permanently closed up a few years ago with a doggy door and then covered with red curtains. We addressed this by installing a functioning double door, with nice panels in which we cut out a door for the doggy in the center. We completed the transformation by painting the doors a darker neutral color that complimented the wall color beautifully so that it blends in and isn't as stark as using the white trim paint for the door that many people would have done. As for the window we added some nice trim to it as well as the doors to give it that finished look. Then we completed the transformation with some a custom balloon roman shade.

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