Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Success in Staging to Sell!

This was one of our latest "Staging to Sell" projects that we did in Phoenix, AZ.  This was a home on the real estate market that we staged to present to potential home buyers.  The budget was quite low on this project so we made the most of it by staging "vignettes".  A vignette is a collection of a few furnishings.  In staging a home for the real estate market staging is all about painting a picture for the potential home buyer.  Vignettes help serve this purpose as well as helping to showcase areas that are not easily defined.  For example, instead of furnishing a living room with a complete set of sofas and chairs you can create a scene with a seating area of two chairs like we did in this project.  As you can see in the photo's above the two wing back chairs, ottoman, end table, and lamp create a cozy conversation area and home buyers can easily recognize as a living room.  Utilizing a vignette in this room we also made the space appear larger by not crowding too much furniture in.  Even though this home was only about 1200 square feet, when buyers walk through the home they feel an open, spacious feeling, and they can now envision themselves living here.  The staging of this particular home paid of big time as our clients had multiple offers in the first 30 days!  A huge success in the extremely slow Phoenix real estate market!     

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