Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Pleasantly Purple Dining Room

Modern style working with a traditional structure is the setting for our latest project.  The client painted the room an ice blue with a coordinating deeper blue below the chair rail, but she needed to add in a punch of color and wasn't sure which or how; so she called The Design House.

Taking into account all of the factors in the room, blue wall, slate floor and the soon to be added chocolate table, it was a bit tricky to decide what color to add.  Our client had just used accents of lavendar to decorate for Christmas and actually loved it in the room. So once the design fairies put the idea in our head there was no going back; PURPLE!  Purple in all its shades from lavendar to red-violet to aubergine was the perfect color to add warmth to the room, but still keep it cool enough to work with the existing cooler elements.   Now I know you're thinking "purple?!" but it's probably not quite what you're thinking.  Purple sometimes gets a bad wrap, but we did it justice with this space.

How it was done: We added a fabulous modern piece of art above the fireplace mantel with some great accessories to match. To pull off the purple tones and feel like your not dining in Barney's play land we hand selected accessories in all of the various purple shades to add interest. On the opposite side of the room we used this great metal spoke mirror that reflects the art.  Various floral elements were used in the space.  The centerpiece is a beautiful orchid custom designed arrangement that is a mix of vibrant greens and a hint of aubergine to brighten the room.  In the corner of the room there is a mix of holly hock orchids and deep plum gladiolas in a sleek white lacquer bamboo vase.  Mixing a bit of modern with traditional, the table runner is a mix of purples in a traditional damask pattern.

The deep chocolate table that the client selected needed some chairs to go with it.  We helped her select a modern ladder back style chair that we had custom stained to match the table, as well as custom upholstered in a creamy leather.  The table and chairs rest on a fabulous geometric rug.  The warm brown tones of the rug help to warm up the room and break up the dark slate floor from the dark table. 

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Centerpiece and Mirror
Spokes Mirror

Art and fun accessories

Here is another shot of the mantel with art and accessories.

For a different twist we added fun green spikey pods to this funky red-violet candle holder.  Just because it's meant for candles, doesn't mean you need to use candles.

A close up of the mirror.

The lacquered bamboo vase.

Hollyhock orchids and gladiola arrangement.
The Entryway before

The Entryway After - we proposed this fun rug that brings color and different pattern into the space.  We also suggested doing pencil molding below the chair rail and painting it white to add more architectural detailing and adding to the traditional space. The Entryway now acts as the perfect gateway between the Living and Dining spaces.  The colors chosen help the flow between both spaces. 

The Entryway After looking into the Dining.
This is a quick shot of the Living Room.  We helped the client decide what color teal and where to paint it i.e. above or below the chair rail or do you paint the entire space?

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