Saturday, July 31, 2010

Design Tip: Finding Inspiration

Coming up with the design of a space can sometimes be tricky, but if you find an element that inspires you it will be a piece of cake! Inspiration comes from so many things that it makes designing truly fun and it can come from things you might never have thought. Something as simple as a flower has so much more to inspire the d├ęcor than just color. The texture of the petals and leaves can be brought into the space through fabrics, wood detailing and even rugs or art. The glossy leaves of a Calla Lily for example, can inspire lacquered furniture, mirrors on the wall and a variety of accessories that provide sheen. The soft petal of the Calla Lily could be represented in fabrics and textiles as well as showcasing a sleek minimalistic style of less is more. These inspiration examples from a Calla Lily are how it inspires me, but you may interpret the flower differently. That’s what makes it so fun, there are truly endless possibilities when finding inspiration.  If you have an item you love, but not sure how to best let it inspire your space, call us and we can help you to create your perfectly inspired room.

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