Friday, February 4, 2011

Las Vegas Market Pictures

Last week The Design House was busy down at the world furniture market in Las Vegas.  We had a blast looking at all of the gorgeous items and checking out all the new trends to keep you up to date. And we’re loving what we saw. 

Does this mirror look familiar?  It should!  Browse our portfolio pics and you'll even see that we paired it with orange too! Awesome pillows and graphic rug. 

Fun Bedding and Accessories, you can't see it in the picture, but the sheen on these pillows was amazing!  And of course the color blue was all over market.

A gorgeous shag rug accessorized by Crystal, one of our fabulous designers.  It seems every market I have to take a picture of her as she's camoflauged into some new piece!  It just goes to show fashion and interior design go hand in hand.

I absolutely love these wheelbarrow chairs!

Share your thoughts with us and visit back soon as we cover the Style Forecast for 2011!

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