Friday, February 25, 2011

Ikat the tie-dye of the 21st Century

I know you're thinking Ikat, what is that? I also know you had that, "this is not the 60's why are we talking about tie-dye" moment.  Let me tell you about the latest and greatest design trend that is Ikat.

Ikat, pronounced ee-kaht, is a method of weaving tie-dyed yarn on a loom to create intricate patterns on the fabric.  It is predominately seen in Asia, Central and South American Countries, but it has become one of the latest fashion forward fabrics and prints in both interior design and fashion.

Ikat patterns bring an exotic feel to any space.  It can help to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space allowing you to have a fantastic vacation while staying comfortably in your living room.

Photo from House Beautiful
This room features Ikat on the drapes, pillows, chair fabric and even the rug.  The vibrant color palette is fresh with a hint of exotic.  Just looking at it I feel that I've been swept on a way on a fantastic vacation.

Photo from House Beautiful
A great way to use Ikat is by mixing it with other patterns; it can also help to tone down a bolder pattern.  In this case the Ikat was used on the roman shades and a pillow for each bed.  The bold lime green of the fabric pops against the butterfly duvets and the geometric rug.

Room designed by Todd Romano.
For those just looking to get their feet wet with Ikat, pillows or other printed accessories are a great start; it's a quick way to add some pizazz to a solid surface. If it's too bold you can use a pattern or solid accent pillow in front or behind to help tame it. 

These were just a few options for using Ikat.  It's such a fun exotic pattern you can't help but use it in at least one room of your house, even if it's only in the form of a teapot.

Photo from Distant Boutique

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