Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mid-Century Modern Finds

Today we were shopping in downtown Salt Lake City for furniture and décor items for a couple clients.  While downtown we stopped by a couple vintage/antique shops that were so much fun and had many retro and Mid-Century Modern items.

In case you’re not familiar with “Mid-Century Modern” it is the architectural and design style from the 40’s – 60’s.  Think of the sets from Mad Men and that’s exactly what Mid-Century Modern is. 

One of the stores we happened to pop into was the Green Ant.  They only deal with the sale of Mid-Century Modern furniture pieces.  We found a great Eames Lounge chair that turned out to be a knock off, but it was still a fabulous piece of furniture.   Sitting in it, even though it wasn’t the real deal, was like a slice of heaven.  If you ever have the opportunity to buy and Eames Lounge chair, do it!  They are so fantastic.

For those of you "House" junkies, Dr. House has one of these babies in his office.

One of the other fantastic chairs we saw was a Womb Chair.  It looks nothing like it sounds.  It was surprisingly one of the most comfortable chairs to sit in.  It’s slightly on the firm side, but the way it cradles you is amazing.  
It doesn't look like it, but it is comfortable!

We also popped into Retro Rose which is just a couple doors down from the Green Ant.  After selecting your furnishings at Green Ant head over to Retro Rose to pick up your retro accessories.  They have everything from mirrors and clocks to vases and dinnerware. 
It was so much fun to take travel back in time for part of the afternoon.  The best part of the day, aside from seeing these fantastic pieces, is knowing that we have such great local shops in Salt Lake City. 

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