Friday, November 18, 2011

Dressing Your Table for Thanksgiving

Still need a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Day dinner? Look no further. I love to showcase beautiful, simple table centerpieces for this time of the year. Thanks to the fact that it is Autumn we have a lot of nice natural products to create the most beautiful table ever. To decorate your holiday table for the upcoming Thanksgiving Dinner you could use flowers, colorful leaves, vegetables, fruits and lovely candles and jars you probably already have.

Here are a some inspiration pictures for other table decor ideas!

What I love about this table setting are the leaves scattered across the table active as a "table runner", but in the candle holders are leaves and berries floating in the water below the candle.
Another simple but elegant arrangement!

This table setting pulls in color with the table cloth and place mats. But the beautiful pair of pumpkin floral arrangements bring the pizzaz to the table. This setting also has the scattered leaves which are simple and easy to have. What I like about this table is that there is still plenty of space in the middle for all the delicious Thanksgiving food to come!

Sorry, not the best picture as it was taken with my cell phone for another purpose:)  I'll have after shots of this room soon on the portfolio.

The other night I was at a clients house and noticed their holiday table decor (above) they had put up since I had last been there designing the room. He took a few elements of what I had designed for the "year round" centerpiece and included them for the Autumn centerpiece. I loved not only the simpleness of it but the creativity of it as well. He had filled the large glass cylinders with real berries from a tree in their yard and the small pumpkin shaped pieces scattered along the runner are dried tomatoes. Mixed with the pinecone trees it makes for a fresh, elegant centerpiece decoration.

Now what I love love love about these last few pictures is that fact that they are using food for the decor with the candles.

Using the vegetables for candle holders is unique and genius. The nuts and dried beans/vegetables shown below are more lasting to keep on your table or even other places in your home like your fireplace mantle throughout the season.

Very beautiful and festive!

Keep in mind if you have a large centerpiece that might block peoples view during the big dinner you can scale it back while leaving a few design elements out or combine some of the above like small candle votives and leaves etc. to accomodate the food and still keep a beautiful tablescape.  With this inspiration there's no reason to not have a gorgeous table during this season. 

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