Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Metal Fabric

Have you ever thought about using metal fabric?  Yes, you heard me right; metal fabric.  While it may not be the comfiest product to reupholster your lazy boy recliner in, it definintely makes a fabulous room divider.  A little while ago I had the opportunity to attend a designer trade show and among the different companies and products represented there one in particular has stuck out to me. I spoke with Scott Hinton from Modern Architectural Systems and he introduced me to
GKD Metal Fabrics, an amazing company! Their metal fabrics have been specified by architects and designers worldwide for the beauty and practicality this product provides. Whether exterior or interior, large or small spaces, metal fabrics add drama and sophistication to the built environment.

Here are a couple of examples of the types of patterns they can provide:
Pattern: Square 25

Pattern: Lago PC

Pattern: Capella

Pattern: Capella

These metal fabrics have numerous possibilites for their use! They can be ceiling tiles, draped ceilings, wall partitions, room dividers, building facades, balustrades, railing insets, columns, etc. They can be framed, draped, freestanding or tension mounted; they can also be etched, illuminated, colored, and used for media screens and accoustics. Like I said the possibilities are endless!

Here are some examples of design that used GKD Metal Fabrics:
Charles Schwab & Co.
GKD Metal Fabrics are used to define the space where the reception area ends and the office space begins.
The reflective and airy panels, framed and suspended, create a classy backdrop and ideal branding location.
Location: Richfield, OH

Yankee Stadium Railing Infills
GKD Metal Fabrics were used for this project for toughness, cleanability, functionality
and for a great looking material.
Location: New York, NY

Beijing National Opera
The remarkable aesthetic properties of the material were the initial reason for GKD Metal Fabrics
to be chosen for this design. The panels totaling over 54,000 sq.ft. act as a veil for the building, but it
also serves as a fireproof safety wall that reduces drafts and noise!
Location: Beijing, China
Here is a close up of the attachment of the  GKD Metal Fabric veiling the Beijing National Opera.

You can find more images and information at: and at
This is truly an amazing product!

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