Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Haunted is your House?

So I can't believe it but Halloween is right around the corner!
If you haven't decked your halls with ghosts and ghouls yet you are running out of time, but to those who have creatively taken the initiative to transform their house into the haunted mansion on the street...Kudos to you!
As I was driving the other day I came across this awesome house which inspired this blog. I love the attention to detail from the wooden fence, the hearses, and overall theme!

For your enjoyment and maybe inspiration for next year, here are some "Haunted Houses" that are absolutely spook-tacular! :)

This idea is so ingenious and totally CREEPY! The huge spiders and their web cover this entire building!

"Nature is a Haunted House - 
but Art - a House that tries to be haunted." 

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