Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Architecture and Shoe Laces?

Architect group, Kadawittfeldarchitektur, brought these two elements together with the Research and Development building for Adidas.

The new research facility for Adidas appropriately named "Adidas Laces" is the final building addition to the shoe brand's sprawling corporate headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany.
It is designed to accommodate 1,700 designers, developers, scientists, etc. The offices are arranged around the ring of a skewed, pinched rectangle.

In the middle there is an incredible atrium, employees get tons of natural light whether their desks face the outdoors or the atrium.
The only issue with the design is the long walk you would have to take to get to one side of the building to the other; this is where the "laces" come in.

Throughout the atrium, employees can travel quickly and easily by use of waving skywalks, the appearance of these skywalks are like strung shoe laces that "tie the built volume together" to quote the architects' press release.  What a genius concept for the design.

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