Monday, October 3, 2011

“Truly Smashing Pumpkins” from Country Living Magazine

I absolutely love Fall and there's nothing better than getting togethr with some friends and having craft night.  If you haven’t seen the October issue for Country Living I suggest that you pick one up. It has the most fabulous idea for tuning up the classic pumpkin décor using fabrics, patterns, words and images that fit your style.

I love this look and how it classes up the typically jack-o-lantern.  If you want to use this decoration year after year then buy a faux pumpkin (aka “Funkin”). The basic steps for creating these awesome little  pumpkins are:

Pick your design that you want to use, have is scaled and printed to fit around your Funkin perfectly. If using fabric or scrapbook paper color copy it on regular paper and it will be much easier to decoupage it on the pumpkin.

One you have your pattern, cut it out using a ¼” edge around the image.

Paint your Funkin with flat acrylic paint that matches the background color of your image. Let it dry.

Using Matte Mod Podge spread an even coat on the back of the image and press it onto your Funkin smoothing out the edges.

Once all images are applied, use a foam brush to spread a thin coat of Mod Podge on the entire Funkin. To make it easier do one half at a time.

Let it dry and Voilà a beautiful, fall decoration.

Step by step instructions and examples are in the article along with lots of other great Halloween ideas.  Go buy the magazine and get crafting!

Photo's courtesy of Country Living

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