Monday, October 17, 2011

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

If you're looking to add some charm into your home installing a reclaimed wood floor is definitely the way to go.  This awesome little beauty is being installed in my clients home today.

Flooring sample of the finished reclaimed walnut wood
 I'm currently designing a full kitchen remodel and I'm so glad my clients agreed to these gorgeous reclaimed walnut floors to go throughout the main level of their home.  Reclaimed wood floors come from lumber that has been rescued from old buildings like barns and warehouses.  On top of being beautiful antique wood they are an excellent way to stay "green" and recycle.  I just swung by to take a peek at the first day of installation and couldn't have been more pleased and my clients as well! I specified three varied widths: a 4", 6", and 8" wide plank to be randomly installed.  By doing this it adds even more character to the space which adds to that "reclaimed" look..  Here are the pictures I took today of the install. 

Future Kitchen Space

I just love this floor

Fun little knots showing the character
I absolutely love the look of  walnut with the light and dark variations due to the light sapwood and dark heart wood.  And because it is softer than say red oak, I chose a wood that was circle-sawn.  This is the distressing grooves on the top surface of the wood that you can see easiest in the sample picture up top.  By choosing the circle-sawn effect it allows those nicks and dings caused from everyday life to add warmth and age to this gorgeous wood and blend right in with the reclaimed holes and knots. 

After the wood is laid, the holes will be filled and then it will be sanded and finished with a top coat which will pull out the gorgeous brown coffee and caramel tones and look like the sample picture above.

This will definitely be a one of a kind floor and I can't wait for the remodel to be done with all of the other elements so I can show you the "After" pictures, stay tuned!

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