Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finding Your Style

We often have clients calling  for help wondering where to start on their room.  One of the first questions we ask them is, “Well what style would you like?”  All too often they simply have no idea, and who’s to blame them with the plethora of styles to choose from.  When designing a room you have to have the basics down: How would you like this room to function?  How would you like this room to feel?  What activities are taking place in this room? etc.  By knowing what kind of style to go with for our clients, we can help them transform their space so that it is pleasing in both form and function.

The best way to find what kind of style you are – whether it’s classic, traditional, tuscan, modern, shabby chic, or any other of the numerous styles too choose from-  is to look through interior design magazines or browse pictures on the internet.  Make sure you browse various styles of design magazines that you like.  When you find pictures that you love start tearing them out and compiling them in a folder.  Don’t worry about whether or not a certain design element of the picture will look good in your room, just tear out the picture and add it to your file.  After you’ve collected quite a few start looking through them to recognize the common thread running through all the pictures and most times than not that is Your style.  Plus, the other benefit of going through the pictures is that now you have ideas of things that you might want to incorporate into your room!  So if you’re sitting there wondering how to start designing your room, pick up a magazine and start tearing!

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