Friday, May 20, 2011

Why choose Travertine?

Lately we seem to be selecting a lot of tile for various clients who are remodeling or starting from scratch.  We've done full bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes and floors with the most popular choice for tile being travertine.  So why is travertine so popular and why should you choose it?

Travertine is a type of limestone which has been used in buildings for centuries because of its durability.  The Romans used it to build the Colosseum, which as you know, still stands today despite being robbed for stone and devestating earthquakes which have left it in ruins.

It is a natural stone making it an eco-friendly or green product and due to it's chemical make-up harsh abrasive chemicals do not need to be used to clean it making it even more of an eco-friendly product. It does however need to be sealed because of its porousness.  This helps with keeping it from staining. The other great perk of Travertine is that it hardly shows soap scum or water spots.  Huge plus there for anyone that hates the appearance of water spots.

Travertine comes in a variety of colors, but for the most part they are neutrals.  Huge design advantages here.  You can basically pair it with any color paint, accent tile or textile.  Now Travertine isn't a solid color, but typically has a two-three color variation in each color.  If that doesn't make sense, think of adding hershey syrup to vanilla ice cream and stirring.  As your stirring the color variation changes as it's becoming more and more brown; same thing applies with travertine it has the slight color variation happening that gives the tile movement. 
Different manufactures have different color names, but these are some color options.

So aside from its durability, eco-friendliness and subtle color options the best thing about utilizing Travertine in your space is that it adds resale value to your property.  Natural stone has been used in homes for centuries because of its durability and luxuriousness.  It may cost slightly more than ceramic or porcelain tiles to install, but the fact that it will last centuries makes up for it.  It is an expense you should definitely invest in. 

Gorgeous use of travertine on the floors.

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  1. The travertine flooring color and design looks quite marvelous. It sure caught my eyes because I am looking at several floor tiles to replace for my kitchen floor. Mostly because my wife told me how our kitchen needs some new flooring.