Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Talk about Shoe Art!

An article came out in Dezeen magazine showcasing Julian Hakes, a London architect, and his fabulous Mojito Shoe.
The "Mojito"
The Mojito is a shoe that has no sole and no upper but instead supports the foot on a continuous loop! It is made of carbon fiber – to give it strength and spring – and laminated with rubber on the side that touches the floor and leather on the side next to the skin.

The "Mojito" view from behind

Hakes looked at the design of the Mojito from the same perspective he would building a bridge, he examined the forces and looked at the most simple, elegant expression of the forces to play within the materials used. Hakes said, “With a high heel providing the heel is supported, even by standing on a wooden block the foot naturally ‘spans’ the gap naturally, with bones and tendons.” This is an unbelievable design producing a
fabulous shoe! I so want a pair!

As I'm sure Rachel Zoe would put it: "Just B-a-n-a-n-a-s".
 To view the full the full Dezeen article click this link:

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