Friday, April 13, 2012

Basement Kitchen Transformation

Back in February we starting working with new clients who just moved to Utah from California and needed to update their new house. One of the many projects for their new home was turning the basement kitchenette into a full blown kitchen for their daughter who was moving in with them. Before we met with them a contractor had already laid out the new kitchen plan and they didn't think they needed us to layout the kitchen.  Unfortunately, his play seriously lacked functionality in its layout, use of space and all over design.   Often times clients think interior designers only work on furniture and accessories, but one of the perks of hiring a professional interior designer is to space plan not only furniture, but kitchen layouts as well.  Luckily we catch things like this, and even luckier in this situation we were able to to review the plans and fix them before they were built, saving our clients considerable money.  We created a new and improved kitchen design for them and yesterday we were able to see the finished product!
The kitchen plan their contractor came up with.
Unfortunately this was a poor layout and did not meet their needs.
Our floor plan we created for them - a full kitchen design, just what they wanted!
Elevation of the west kitchen wall

 The plan the contractor came up with was only a kitchenette where their daughter really needed a full kitchen, plus having a full functional kitchen helps the resale value of their home as well as the fact that they can now market it as a full basement apartment.
Close up of the cabinets and laminate

We saved on cost by using simple, but beautiful, shaker cabinets and laminate countertops. Adding the crown molding and valance really dress up the cabinets and add elegance to the space. The bathroom door was squared off and we extended the hallway with an angled wall, making these changes gave us the space we needed to give them such a function kitchen. 

It is a huge transformation and our clients are very happy with the results, and to quote them "We came just in the nick of time!"

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