Monday, June 4, 2012

Creating a Photo Collage

Have you ever wanted to create a photo collage on your wall, but you keep delaying it because you are not quite sure how to do it. Well here is a quick how-to to help you create you collage without poking a bunch of "trial & error" holes in your wall.

But first… a few pointers for creating a photo collage.
Have a common theme, whether it is the style of frame, the object in the photographs, or the color of the photographs something needs to be cohesive. Also, make sure you have a good variety of sizes and in some cases shapes as well, this adds interest and having smaller frames help fill in the gaps. Another tip is to wait to select photos, if possible, until after the collage is arranged; this way you aren't limited to which way the frames have to go.

This photo collage is very cohesive; the frames are similar in shape and color
and they are all filled with black and white nature photos.
Photo courtesy of
This photo collage is being tied together by the object of the photos
which happens to be family photos. Notice all the different shapes, styles,
and even the different tones of the pictures (sepia, black & white and color).
Photo courtesy of
This collage has two similar ties; even though the frames are very different they are in the same color and filled with black & white photos. Also notice the use of negative space in a couple of the frames.
Photo courtesy of
Speaking of negative space…. Having a collage of frames is fun too!
Doing this you want to use unique frames with some ornamental value, using fun shapes, sizes and coordinating colors is what makes them interesting. I love the yellow birdcage in the middle!
Photo courtesy of

Here is your collage how-to! We have tested this method first hand for a client so it will work for you to! This is how we put a picture collage in her hallway...
1st - Get some butcher paper or packing paper and cut it to the size of space
       you will need. Ours is the length of the hallway.
2nd - Gather your frames and start arranging them until you find the layout you like best!

3rd - Trace the frames on the paper
4th - Find a way to label which way your frames go.
We numbered each frame and wrote the coordinating number on the paper
5th - Measure and mark on the paper where each nail hole is supposed to go.
Take your time on this one so that your beautiful arrangement looks perfect!
6th - Tape your paper onto the wall making sure it is straight.
To do this measure from the ceiling to the top of the paper on both ends and adjust as needed.
You want the majority of the images to be around eye level while being cautious to not
hang pictures to low.

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