Monday, July 25, 2011

Home by Novogratz on HGTV

Last fall we, The Design House, had the privilege of meeting The Novogratz'.  Cortney and Bob (Robert) Novogratz are a husband and wife interior design team based on the East Coast.  This pair of designers travels and hunts for the perfect pieces to place in the spaces they design.  Searching antique and vintage furniture shops they find and refurbish many items giving them new life and purpose for their design.

If you've watched their previous show on Bravo TV "9 by Design" you'd know that they rehab old properties as well as do interior design.  On that show we saw their family dynamic, the balance between work and home as well as them moving into their newly rehabbed home.  They have since moved from Bravo TV to HGTV and they have a non-conventional way of tackling interior design.

What is so fun about this duo is that nothing is off limits. Recently I've been watching their new show "Home by Novogratz" on HGTV and so many of their ideas are crazy, but crazy good.  There was an episode that they designed a family room in the basement for adults and kids.  What was so fun about this space is that they added in a slide next to the basement stairs. 

The slide into the family room.  Photo courtesy of HGTV
I have not seen the episode that goes with this room, but it is so fun and quirky.  They took the "traditional" animal head/bust and placed a pop art spin on it in this retro mid-century modern room.
Mid-Century modern furnishings are paired with eclectic pieces in the room to give it an updated look but still keeping that retro vibe.  Love the faux moose art.  Photo courtesy of HGTV
This next room is from tonight's episode where they made over an entire beach condo in New Jersey.  The entire condo received a color makeover and wow at times I even had that moment where I questioned what they were doing, and as a designer I don't do that often.  The beds in the boys' room were covered in duct tape to give a new feeling and appearance.  They used carpet tiles alternating every other tile to create visual interest on the floor.  So much fun in this room.
Duct tape covered head boards, you wouldn't know it from the picture.  Photo courtesy

The master suite in the same condo was kissed by the sun, literally.  I wasn't sure how it would work out because it is A LOT of yellow, but I think it came together nicely.  They opted for yellow carpet tiles and yellow walls.  To tame it they used white window coverings and multi-colored art posters from the 60's. 
The shining master suite. Photo courtesy of

There are so many more designs that the Novogratz' have created and I'd love to show them all to you, but what fun would that be.  You really need to experience them for yourselves.  Head over to HGTV and watch them.  Their episodes are on Saturday nights and hopefully soon they'll be online for you to catch up on.  Definitely a must watch, they push the boundaries of design and it's fun to see.

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