Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traditional Chairs with a touch of Whimsy

A little over two months ago we started a client project and proposed doing a traditional chair with a twist.  We selected an accent chair with a rush seat, or woven seat, that has upholstered cushions for the seat and back.  The fun thing about the chair we chose is that we had numerous ways we could customize it from fabrics to welting and wood color; our options were really endless. 

For this particular client and space we decided to do one specific fabric for the cushions, another on the chair back and a third for the welt cord that runs around the back as well as the cushions.  If you're not familiar with what a welt cord is, it is the decorative edge around a pillow, cushion or sometimes what you'd see on a cornice box.  It is another way to add character to a piece. 

The fabric selected for the cushions is a whimsical floral with a neutral background.  This particular floral is very colorful without being ostentatious.  Grounding this great floral on the back of the chair is a tweedy fabric with tans, greens and reds blended together.  It has great texture and pairs nicely with the rush seat.  The welt cord is a strawberry red that pops off the cushions and the chair back around the tweed fabric. 

All of these great fabrics are brought together with a beautiful mahogany toned wood that gives these chairs a touch of elegance.  What is great about blending all of these traditional options with that touch of whimsy is that it creates a more light-hearted space that the entire family will enjoy, not just mom. 

We will have the finished room to show you in the next few weeks, but until they are taken I want to share the chairs with you because they are vibrantly fun and whimsical.  Wait until you see them in the room, they are fabulous. 

The chair! 

Side profile allows you to see the rush seat, tweed fabric back, gorgeous floral and that strawberry red welt cord around the cushions and back between fabric and wood.

Here's the back fabric with welting.

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