Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trend of 2012: What's Under Your Foot?

In 2012 there's some growing trends in flooring.  Aside from wood, carpeting, and tile there are some other awesome flooring options out there just beckoning you to give them a try.  Lets explore some of these fun options. 

Cork is something different that most people don't consider as a major player in the floor covering arena.  But its a big one thats here to stay.  Its more comfortable than tile or hardwood, it helps reduce noise, its durable, and the best perk of all it is a renewable resource!

With cork there's tons of different colors and patterns
that you can mix and match to create a unique design.

Another new floor trend I want to focus on are floor tiles.  Flor and Modularity Tiles are two companies that create carpet and vinyl floor tiles. Both of these companies pride themselves on being easy to design, easy to install and easy to maintain. They come in many styles and shapes and are extremely durable.

Modularity Tiles are vinyl tiles, yes vinyl, but trust me, it's not your plain commercial vinyl.  They come in fun color choices and patterns.  Who wouldn't want to use these spunky tiles in a  garage, play room or exercise room?

A fun retro pattern.

what a great way to add color in pattern in to the room.

I absolutely love the wayfinding path they used this pattern for.
What a great  a nice color scheme to add a bit of punch to this room.

If you want a little bit more cushion, you should check out the Flor companies carpet tiles.  There are so many options, I just love going to their website! Depending on the type of carpet you get you can't even tell it's tiled, it blends perfectly. You can design anything from a doormat to a fully carpeted room; mix textures,
colors and patterns… it's completely customizable! 

I absolutely love the big bold graphic dots.
They really take this room to the next level.

Great texture, its like chess in golf rolled all into one.

Focusing on the texture is a nice way to keep things elegant and modern.

I absolutely love the graphic images on this rug - what a statement!

Don't be afraid to try something new…check out these great floor coverings in 2012!

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