Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trends of 2012: Mix it Up!

The next trend of 2012 is mixing a Modern-Traditional design. Most of my clients often find that they have an eclectic style, meaning that they are not defined by just one style of design, they identify with quite a few  styles like modern, tuscan, traditional, coastal, etc.  While it is very important to narrow down your tastes and what you want, it can be very rewarding and make for an interesting design to mix styles.  And mixing a traditional and modern style makes for a great combo.  One of the best designers who exemplify this style is designer Thomas O'Brien.  In his book American Modern he states,
 "Practicality, industry, boldness, scale. Simplicity and sincerity. Innovation. These are the ingredients of American modern style…I help find the classic elements from past generation, and then edit them together for this one. An American idea of reinvention: traditional things for modern living."
This style creates an interesting look that can be essentially timeless.  This style also utilizes "the curated look" trend we've discussed because choosing the pieces for this fabulous mix-up need to have quite a bit of thought put into it. You can do as little as taking a few pieces of furniture and adding modern fabric or mixing up your whole space.

Here are some great designs that incorporate this trend:

 Designed by Neuhaus Design Architecture
Photo courtesy of
Whats wrong with having your cake and eating it too?  Here we see this gorgeous traditional woodwork with modern furniture.  By painting the walls and woodwork white it creates a sense of unity and helps to modernize the space.
Designed by LDa Architecture and Interiors
Photo courtesy of
What a dramatic room with the mix of light and dark.  Nice clean lines and modern finishes mixed in with traditional elements.  

Designed by Amoroso Design
Photo courtesy of
LOVE! Louis XVI style chair painted in an antique pewter and upholstered in a fabulous silver metallic leather.

Designed by Atmosphere Interior Design
Photo courtesy of
Check out that modern wood paneled fireplace juxtaposed with the traditional bergere upholstered in a fabulous modernized damask fabric. Note the animal hyde rug grazing the floor, still a strong trend you'll continue to see in 2012.

Designed by Robert Goodwin

Designed by Ben Dial
Photo courtesy of
Here we have a clever blend of the traditional rug and wallpaper with the modernized chairs and intricate mirrored table!

Designed by SF Girl By Bay
Photos courtesy of
This is one of my favorite photos. I love the clean crisp tulip chairs mixed with the hair pin chairs around a rustic wood table; the brick fireplace, sleek modern bookshelf placed under the chalkboard and more modern furniture in the bay window.  The white painted walls lend the space a nice cohesive look with the white modern furniture.

Designed by Atmosphere Interior Design
Photo courtesy of
Here's our trend incorporated into a kitchen design.  Traditionally crafted exterior cabinets blended with the modern island clad in wood panel with sleek metal accents to tie the two together.

This is one trend that you won't see going away anytime soon.  And what a great way to celebrate two excellent styles.  See if you can find a way in incorporate this trend into your home.

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