Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the 10th Day of Christmas The Design House gave to me......

10 Lords a Leaping!  Just like the pipers, the leaping lords are a bit hard to find so we'd like to bring to you some fun products that those leaping lords may really like to use on some tired feet.

Let us first start with a great milk bath to soak your aching limbs from leaping in.  It makes your skin so soft and smooth and is almost 100% organic.

After a nice milk bath soak this exfoliating scrub will help smooth up some rough edges, especially on those tired feet and leave you smelling oh so amazing.  Also mostly an organic product.

After finishing up exfoliating, apply this awesome Honey Heel Glaze.  It helps to moisturize your skin and feels fabulous on your skin.  And you guessed it, yet another awesome organic product.

How fun is this dance studio?  If you were a Lord would you leap here?  I would.  The colors are so calm and it's like dancing in a home instead of some stark white space.  The brick wall and yellow door make if feel like you're dancing in an urban environment and don't even get me started on the disco ball!  Such an inspired space.

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