Monday, December 20, 2010

On the 6th Day of Christmas The Design House gave to me....

6 Geese a laying! Driving through Sandy last week we saw a huge gaggle of geese by a pound.  That probably would've been the best time to pick up some geese for gift giving purposes, but there was a fence, it was cold and have you ever been chased by a goose?  It is not fun.  So I figured I'd use my better judgment and find more safe and fun gift ideas to present to you.

Since you always find geese around a mossy pond area I found these fun faux moss balls.  They are perfect in a large vase, bowl or just by themselves on a shelf.  They will work with any style of design as well.

The name of this rug pattern is called "flock" which is kind of like a gaggle.  The designer, Thomas Paul, uses birds in many of his designs.

How adorable is this nursery?  It has the whimsical nursery rhyme feel and incorporates a bit of the outside.  There are painted clouds, suns on the floor and even geese.  It's such a beautiful room perfect for any baby.

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  1. Hello, I am trying to find the source of the "Nursery Rhyme" nursery pictured above. I am in love with this crib and want to do more research. Please help!