Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Retro Chic

With the season 5 of Mad Men premiering on AMC the other night, it got me thinking about all of the retro design trends that this show brings back into vogue.  And what’s not to love?  Big beautiful shiny cars, fully done-up dresses, perfectly curled hair, and oh the set design, don’t even get me started on the set design - love!

AMC's hit series MadMen
If you’re not in the loop, the 60’s are back, well at least certain elements are.  And you should welcome them. With the popularity of this hit show many components of the 1960’s are back in vogue: Pantone’s color of the year is Tangerine Tango,home bars are back (can you see the MadMen influence?), and even technology apps like Instagram are huge right now. 

HGTV’s Taniya Nayak and spokesperson for Mohawk says “When decorating your space, throwbacks are certainly not style setbacks.”  In keeping step with contemporary trends, today’s homeowners are looking back to the decade’s far-out flavor to push their taste forward—and I even think we might even see a trend coming back of broadloam wall-to-wall carpet.  Especially for rooms with hipster owners who just bought their first home and want that retro chic vibe.  While I love hardwood floors, you can’t beat the warmth of wall-to-wall carpet on your feet especially in a cold climate like the one I live in.  Not to mention, it can certainly be nice on the budget.

A great way to pull in the retro chic vibe from the 60’s is to “always aim for balance, so try incorporating the bold 60s colors—burnt orange, smoky blue, chartreuse—through accent pieces in combination with neutral furnishings.” If you do choose carpet “which was big in the 60s, go for a hue that will complement the furnishings you own. Among the most accommodating colors are beiges, grays, or muted tones of blues and greens” Taniya Nayak says.

Another plus of broadloom carpet is the fact that it is a green product; this new carpet of today is not your mama's carpet of the past.  In the last 50 years, advanced technology and an increased concern for the climate have led to carpets manufactured from recycled soda bottles as well as those made in part from corn sugar, like Mohawk’s EverStrand and SmartStrand carpets.

Other elements of the 1960’s is color blocking and bold, big patterns.  Nayak’s suggests taking “a few colors of the same carpet style, have them cut according to a desired pattern, and work with your local retailer to have the individual carpet pieces stitched together.” 

Another great idea is to use some carpet tiles to color block.  Either way this will certainly give your space a custom look.

Are you loving the retro chic style of 2012? 

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