Friday, March 16, 2012

Speaking of Green….Have you heard of Malachite?!

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mal-a-chite. noun
A light to dark green carbonate mineral, used as a source of copper and for ornamental stoneware.

This fun colored "gem" is a perfect tribute to our upcoming green holiday. Adding malachite to a space adds interest, beauty, a unique accent that makes for a great conversation piece.

"Malachite is used in both jewelry and as a decorative material. The mineral is one of the most popular due to its bright colouring and attractive pattern, and also because it is easy to work and takes an excellent polish. Its colour, from bluish-green and turquoise to dark green with silky tints, comes from the presence of copper." The Hermitage Museum

Designed by Isler Homes - Photo Courtesy of 
Shown above is a stunning malachite cocktail table adding some color and pizzaz to this traditional living room.

Malachite Chair -
 This Louix XV style chair is upholstered in the gorgeous Tony Duquette malachite fabric, you don't have to you use the stone itself to have your show piece.

Photo courtesy of Global Views 
Global Views take on using malachite is so fun! Their Twig Table-Antique Brass with Faux Malachite Top can add the just pop your room needs.

The following three photos are from The Hermitage Museum in Russia. The Museum has a room titled 'The Malachite Room' designed by Alexander Briullov in the late 1830s. "The finishing of the hall is unique: the columns, pilasters, elements of the fireplaces and decorative vases are faced with malachite in the "Russian mosaic" technique. -The Hermitage Museum
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I love this room with the Malachite Fireplace and the gilded gold accents. So pretty!

Michael Kors
Here is an awesome skirt designed by the fabulous Michael Kors, perfect attire for this weekend.

"The Viceroy Miami" designed by Kelly Wearstler
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The room above is crazy decked out with malachite veneered built-ins and the green floor to ceiling drapes; while the room below is very simple with the touch a malachite in the roman shades. Both however are great for their design and I just love the look of the malachite. 

Photo courtesy of Elle Decor
My goal is to somehow use this awesome material in a design this year! What do you think?

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